5 Cold Email Templates to Help Startups Get Customers & Investors

July 19, 2022

Consistently crafting effective cold emails for a startup is tedious and time-consuming, even for the most seasoned marketers and sales professionals. Cold email templates will help you write emails faster, send more emails per day, and still have time for your other startup sales & marketing efforts.

We’ve compiled a list of email templates that are proven to scale your startup’s cold email marketing, and they’re tailored for specific situations. These templates are not 100% complete, they need personalization before you can press the send button. They will take about60%-80% off your plate, and leave you with a small amount of work to personalize the email to their needs.

Email Template 1: Getting a Potential Client to Try your Product

Hi (Prospect’s name),

I looked at your (mention relevant program/department/service/product) because I’m obsessed with (mention specific field/topic).

I recently developed/built a (software tool/product/service) specifically aimed at (explain the main feature/purpose).

I’m looking for people to use my new tool/product/service (mention name of your stuff). (One-sentence value proposition). It could help you (mention some benefits).

Do you have any time for a quick 10-minutechat on (mention specific date and time)?


Thanks in advance!

(Your name)

Email Template 2: Getting Influencers to Promote Your Products or Service

Hey (Prospect’s name),

I’ve been a huge fan of (name of prospect’s blog/website) for a long time. Your content is fresh, interesting, and I love seeing it. Your post/article/video on (mention specific topic) was such a different take on something I’ve also struggled with for a while.

That’s why I built/developed a (one-sentence pitch). It will help (mention specific benefits). Based on the feedback that I’ve gotten so far, this looks like it will be a huge thing in the (mention specific) industry. But I’d love to give you an early look before we go public. You’re clearly an expert and I would really appreciate your feedback.

Could I send you the link to download the beta?


Thanks in advance!

(Your name)

Email Template 3: Get Press Coverage for Your Startup

Hi (Prospect’s name),

You recently wrote this post about how(highlight main points). I totally agree and built a solution for over the past few months.

I decided to reach out because I think your readers would love to know about this.

Can I give you a quick sneak peek on (mention specific date and time) before I go on (mention a competitor)?


Thanks in advance!

(Your name)

Email Template 4: Finding Partners to Sell Your Product or Service

Hi (Prospect’s name),

You don’t know me, however, I found you on(mention relevant social media platform/website/list etc.) and I think you’ll find value in what (name of your company) can do for your customers. I got this idea when (one-sentence pitch).

So far, we’ve helped over X people (mention some benefits), and I think (name of prospect’s company) would be the perfect partner for us.

I think this partnership would also help you(mention your value proposition).

Are you available for a short 15-minute call on (mention specific date and time) to discuss more on this?

Thanks in advance!

(Your name)

Email Template 5: Attracting Startup Investors

Hi (Prospect’s name),

Based on my research, I noticed that you invested in (mention specific example) a few (months/years) ago. That’s why I decided to reach out. Our (product/service/tool) would complement what you’re already investing in.

We’re in the (mention specific) space and have many of the same customers like (give one or two examples).

We’re about to start our Seed-Extension so that we can (mention purpose of funding) and sell our product (insert your website address) that is already working well (insert relevant proof).

Would you be open to a quick 20-minute chat on(mention specific date and time) to discuss more on this?


Thanks in advance!,

(Your name)

Effective Startup Cold Email Templates Don’t Work Every Time

There is no cold email template that will bring a home run for your startup every time. Average response rates for cold emails is1%-5% with some of the highest being around 25%. These numbers shoot up when you follow-up. Still, don’t expect that you will find the perfect email template for your startup that will give you a 100% response rate and make your prospects melt in your hands like an chocolate bar on a hot summer day.

Scale is what matters here. Shoot for sending 20-40 emails per day consistently. Send emails, track your numbers, review, revise, and repeat, that’s the way to growing your startup

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